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Youth for Green Hydrogen is a network of passionate young women and men working in the Green Hydrogen sector. Our vision is to increase the participation and amplify the leadership of young people working in Green Hydrogen.                       
Youth For Green Hydrogen is an inclusive movement of young people working towards creating solutions to end climate crisis and we firmly believe it is only through the green technology that the world can reduce the dependency on its existing consumption of fossil fuels. The usage of green technology while would be reached incrementally but the emergency of climate crisis calls every young person to take action in making our societies based on renewable energy sources, especially Green Hydrogen.
Furthermore, we firmly believe that this can be achieved if GH2 is produced at local levels such as village and township through reduced production costs and by involvement of community members especially young women and men, including indigenous communities. Intergenerational partnerships are at the center of our approach as we believe that its through the life cycle approach that educating children, adolescents elderly that TOGETHER we will be able to achieve the world that adopts and adapts Green Hydrogen energy source.

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