Signing of exclusive MOU between Youth for Green Hydrogen and HyStor Energy in establishing the Youth For Green Hydrogen North American Chapter

Signing of exclusive MOU between Youth for Green Hydrogen and HyStor Energy in establishing the Youth For Green Hydrogen North American Chapter

Youth for Green Hydrogen organized an International webinar on International Youth Day on August 12, where young people from across 30 countries had been present in “Celebrating Intergenerational Leadership in Green Hydrogen”. This event had been in increasing the awareness that the public, including youth, will be more aware of their role and participation in the global energy transition and Green Hydrogen. The session was successful in Striking a conversation with eminent leaders in academics, policymakers and private companies to build meaningful partnerships with the experts in academia. 

“The GH2 Standard provides certainty and transparency to investors and other stakeholders that green hydrogen is exactly that: hydrogen made with renewable electricity which conforms to the highest standards on emissions, ESG and the sustainable development goals,” said Malcolm Turnbull, chairman of GH2.

HyStor Energy is facilitating the transition to a fossil-free energy environment by developing and advancing renewable hydrogen at scale through the development, commercialization, and operation of renewable hydrogen hub projects. The company defines green hydrogen as only that which has been produced from renewables — as set forth by the Green Hydrogen Organisation. Large, fully integrated projects produce, store, and deliver 100% carbon-free, energy, providing customers with safe and reliable renewable energy on-demand. Developed as part of an integrated hub, these projects couple on-site renewable hydrogen production with integrated long-duration storage and distribution – using the scale to reduce costs. HyStor Energy, led by energy storage industry and hydrogen technology veteran Laura L. Luce, has an innovative team with deep expertise and is positioned as a leader in the renewable hydrogen revolution. For more information, please visit

“Now that the Senate has passed the IRA, the largest climate investment legislation in U.S. history, there is no time to waste on enabling green hydrogen production and storage to better ensure clean, air, clean water, and public health in our communities for now and generations to come,” said Laura L. Luce, CEO of HyStor Energy.

Youth For Green Hydrogen came together with HyStor Energy to establish the first North America Chapter. HyStor Energy is developing a positive, action-based path forward with educational and advocacy outcomes, Together with Youth for Green Hydrogen and other organizations like universities and national labsto strengthen Inter-generational partnerships between young people and across generations to strengthen the use of green hydrogen.  

“We welcome our partnership with HyStor Energy to strengthen youth participation and partnerships in creating Green Hydrogen youth-led innovation and climate solutions in North America and around the world,” said Co-Founder of Youth For Green Hydrogen, Sailesh Singhal & Ravi Karkara.

HyStor Energy also becomes the first principal member in North America to advocate for the GH2 Green Hydrogen Standard across the continent and worldwide. By committing to this standard, HyStor Energy will produce hydrogen with 100% or near 100% renewable energy with close to zero greenhouse gas emissions for its highly anticipated Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub and all future projects.

HyStor Energy and Youth for Green Hydrogen came together to sign an MOU calling for supporting youth leadership in the Green Hydrogen movement.

The following points were agreed upon and mentioned as follows in the MOU:

  • Establish and stand up a strong United States Chapter
  • Host a North American first regional meet of Youth For Green Hydrogen
  • Chapters starting at elementary grade school through university level
  • Help chapters stand-up events, science fairs, regional meet-up events
  • Global Student sponsorship to industry events
  • Organize summits and in-person opportunities
  • Support global learning hub, both online and offline
  • Organize education opportunities, GH2 science kits, GH2 science fairs and events
  • Youth For Green Hydrogen Innovation centers and fairs for students to see applicability, hands-on experiments and learning opportunities
  • Collaborate with partners on the development of green shipping corridors from North America to South America
  • Organize All Americas meeting on GH2, including NA, Caribbeans, Latin America and others
  • Publish white paper and concept note on green hydrogen benefits for disadvantaged communities, rural, isolated islands, and developing countries
  • Collaborate with national labs on research and development of small-scale green hydrogen for villages and communities

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