Signing of MOU between Youth for Green Hydrogen and SAGE University

Signing of MOU between Youth for Green Hydrogen and SAGE University

Youth for Green Hydrogen along with Ritva Foundation organized a dialogue in SAGE University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India titled Youth Leadership in Renewable Energies attended by eminent dignitaries,Dr. Vinod Kumar Jain (Vice Chancellor, SAGE University Bhopal); Dr. Prashant Jain(Pro-Chancellor, SAGE University, Bhopal & Indore), Mr. Erik Solheim (Chair, Green Hydrogen Development Plan), Mr. Sailesh Singhal (Co-Founder, Youth For Green Hydrogen); Ms. Tanisha Pandit (Founder, Ritva Foundation); heads of organizations, and Youth in overwhelming numbers. The session was successful in Striking a conversation with eminent leaders in the academia. 

Sanjeev Agrawal Global Educational (SAGE) University Bhopal with its impeccable academia, colossal campus, leading-edge educational framework and extensive façade in the beautiful city of lakes Bhopal has created a world-class setup for transforming passion into a profession. With its thought-provoking learning and exceptional infrastructure, the university offers the best-in-class facilities for students to secure their future. Sanjeev Agrawal Global Educational (SAGE) University,Bhopal strive to achieve the goal of providing students with a world-class education and bringing them into accord with the fast evolving society. The education innovation for which we have a drive is to make Sage University, Bhopal the top university in MP, Central India.

Our vision reflects on our pedagogy which highlights the overall development of every individual. We aim towards nurturing their talents through excellent and innovative academia to foster their all-round development. We want to shape India’s future with extraordinary talents and uplift our society from giving the best education possible.

The vision of the Sage University Bhopal resolves to help learners to assiduously pursue and achieve goals. We have the vision to provide the highest quality education to the seekers, nurture their talent to promote their intellectual growth and serve the community through the creation of skilled and socially responsible global citizens.

The mission of SAGE University is:

  • To create globally competent graduates and postgraduates who are fully aware of their roles in the quest for a better tomorrow for their communities, countries, regions, and the world as a whole;
  • To condition a mindset for addressing local, national & global issues and to felicitate humankind with better livelihood, while impacting the society in a transformative way;
  • To cultivate an environment that will welcome and support students and scholars from all over the world and contributes knowledge and expertise locally, nationally and internationally to produce global leaders by inculcating leadership and innovative abilities.

SAGE University and Youth for Green Hydrogen came together to sign an MOU calling for supporting youth leadership in the Green Hydrogen movement.

The following points were agreed upon and mentioned as follows in the MOU:

  • Investing in youth university leadersfor creating awareness in student led Green Hydrogen Clubs for Green Hydrogen and creation.
  • Promote studentparticipation for the creation of a Global Green Hydrogen Day.
  • Encourage student engagement in GH2 polices and implementations at local, national and global levels.
  • Partake in the Global Y4GH2 Task Force preparing for national, regional and global Youth for Green Hydrogen Global Assemblies.
  • Participate in the online and offline capacity building initiatives.
  • Promote youth entrepreneurship & entrepreneurial initiatives to support GH2 incubators for young women and men entrepreneurs.
  • Support student innovation to localize the production and use of GH2. Support youth to create low cost innovation in advancing production and use of GH2.
  • Strengthen young women/girls student’s leadership in Green Hydrogen at local to global levels  
  • Support and include marginalized and indigenous youth in Green Hydrogen initiatives
  • Support youth voluntary work at the global Youth For Green Hydrogen Secretariat

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